Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Jayesh Janyani

Oscars Awards 2017 Ceremony

Oscar Awards 2017 are to be held on 26th February 2017, Whereas it is going be the 89th year of Academy Awards. According to the news, the show is going to broadcast on ABC Television Network in 225 countries and territories worldwide on Oscars Sunday i.e 26th February 2017.

This awards show which is presented by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and science (AMPAS) honors the nominated movies of the 88th Academy Awards which was held in Dolby Theatre of Los Angeles.

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There are 24 categories for the awards presented by AMPAS during the ceremony. In the Awards of 2016 “THE REVENANT” was honored with 12 nominations total in number.
From the last two years, Director Alejandro G. Inarritu got the most nominations. Antoni a composer became the second transgender person who is nominated for an Oscar awards.

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Oscars Awards 2017 Nominations

There are many films which are going to be nominated for several awards in different categories. There will be a musical and dance performance by the well-known musician and Grammy award winner with his band. The event is going to host many celebrities, writers, actors, actress, producers and many more.

In the upcoming Oscars Awards 2017 season , the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and science (AMPAS) is going to announce the new Academy Awards category as in animated feature film, animated and live action short film, makeup and hairstyling, foreign language film and etc.

Oscars Awards 2017 Ceremony Live

In the first Academy Awards Ceremony in 1929 on 16th May , When total of 270 people attended this auspicious ceremony of Oscars Awards at Roosevelt Hotel. In the past the things were so different that the winners of the awards were made aware of their victory beforehand. They were made aware three months before the official ceremony was held.

Slowly and Gradually by the passage of time the things started to change. Then nobody was told about the results apart from the newspaper agencies, they were given the list of winners. So that they can print the list in there next morning edition of the newspaper, but was kept secret from all other people.

Oscars Awards 2017 Winners

This was somehow continued till 1940 afterwards the revealing results came to an end. In Today’s time the ceremony procedure is totally changed. The results are announced directly on the stage. The names are enclosed within the envelope and are sealed so that no one can ruin the ceremony.

The name “Oscar” has many controversial disputed behind it. The President of AMPAS claimed that the name Oscar was given by her, in the name of her husband Harmon Oscar Nelson.

People from all over the world are eager to watch the Academy Awards 2017 Ceremony Live Streaming. This is something which one should desire for and work to achieve it. Life is all about competition and hardwork.

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